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Please contact me directly at to purchase any of the following nutritional products. These products are made of whole foods, are of top quality, and are meant to be used medicinally; they do not compare to vitamins purchased in a store. I use several different medical grade supplement brands in my practice, and I would be happy to speak with you directly to find something to fit your individual needs.

30 Day Gut Health Program (Includes pre/probiotics, greens powder, liver detox program, liver detox teas, 2 bags vegan/gluten free protein shake mix, 2 boxes daily vitamin drinks). $295

See Below to purchase. USA orders only, please.


7 Day Liver Detox $41.60

Standard Process Spleen Desiccated $20.50


Greens Balance

30 Day Supply of Greens Powder with spirulina. Contains 35 fruits and vegetables. Vegan, nonGMO, Kosher


Standard Process SP Green Food Capsule $39

Pre/probiotics powder with digestive enzymes $42.40

Pea/Cranberry Clear Fiber Supplement $31.20

Whole Food Multivitamin Powder $32

Vegan Gluten Free Pea/Cranberry Protein Powder $61.60

Vegan Collagen Supplement with Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid $44.00


Arbonne SuperCalm Moisturizer with Probiotics $35.20

Arbonne SuperCalm Serum with Probiotics $40.00

Arbonne SuperCalm Cleanser $25.60

Arbonne Original Calm Cleanser $25.60


All of the above products are sold at my discounted prices. If you try to buy these products on Amazon or Ebay you will be paying significantly more, and there is no guarantee the product is genuine. If you purchase these products through me, they will be sent directly to you by the manufacturer.


30 Days to Healthy Living

Comes with 30 Day Supply of: 2 Bags Protein Powder, 2 Boxes Vitamin/Mineral Drinks, 1 Detox Tea, 1 Probiotic, 1 Liver Detox Kit, 1 Greens Powder. You will be added to a private Facebook Group for meal planning and I will be coaching you through the whole process! After you place your order I will contact you directly for flavor choices.