• Website/Forum with current product reviews and daily active users.
  • Standard Process Website for nutritional supplements. (You must first contact me or a licensed medical professional to get the Provider Code needed to buy direct from Standard Process. Please use the CONTACT page to get in touch!)
  • RRDI Website at (Contains the MAC directory of rosacea doctors, researches, dermatologists and specialists, which I am part of.)
  • Arbonne Website for natural, plant based skincare and makeup. Upon checkout, please put in my name (Tara O’Desky) under consultant. You may use the website to order products directly, or contact me and I can place an order for you. Upon checkout please make sure that I am listed as the consultant, otherwise I cannot help you if your order needs to be returned for any reason! Arbonne offers a 45 day money back guarantee on all their products!
  • Nutritionally Yours for a comprehensive vitamin/mineral/amino acid test which you can order online without a prescription. Determining possible nutrient deficiencies is a key step in rosacea treatment.
  • Demodex Solutions Website for ZhongZhou Cream. This cream is sulfur/zinc based and can be irritating to some. You should discuss all demodex mite treatment options with your dermatologist before ordering a product that is not FDA approved.
  • Collection of testimonials on RRDi webwite from people who’ve had success with their rosacea by treating demodex mites.
  • Heavy Metal Detox Powder: I make this myself and it contains the following: Organic spirulina, orgainic barley grass juice powder, organic cilantro, wild blueberries from Maine, Atlantic dulse, milk thistle seed powder. Please contact me directly for ordering information.
  • Gut Cleanse, Liver Detox, Spleen Detox, Pre/probiotics, greens powder, plant based protein shakes…. please contact me directly!

I would caution you not to buy any vitamins, supplements, or skin care products on any website other than the actual brand websites listed above. A lot of these products are tampered with or expired and re-sold as “original” on websites like Amazon and Ebay, which is not only illegal but potentially dangerous. These products are to be used medically, and should be treated as such. Please don’t take any chances and purchase these products only through your doctors, nutritionists, or the above links using my own practitioner codes.

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