One of my favorite brands for supplements is Standard Process, the gold standard in whole food supplementation. The mineral rich foods are grown on their organic farm, then dried and ground into a powder which is made into a vitamin. Once you start using SP, you will never buy vitamins at CVS again. You can order any of their products directly from their website, but you must first get an access code from a health care professional. I would be happy to speak with anyone directly (through email, phone or text) and determine if this would be a good option for you. Standard Process does not want people self-diagnosing or treating their conditions without guidance from a licensed medical professional. SP vitamins are often sold on Amazon (illegally) but I would not trust these as they may be expired or may have been tampered with. It is best to order direct. I have personally been using Standard Process for all our family’s vitamins/supplements/minerals for the past 17 years and I consider it to be pure, natural medicine for the body. I have seen my own patients and family members recover from illnesses ranging from diabetes to hypertension to Lyme disease using Standard Process supplements alone.

Another company I trust and use often is Metagenics. Their nutrition is of the highest quality and since you must order direct from these companies, their products never sit on store shelves. They both have a variety of products which are especially effective when dealing with compromised gut, skin health, liver issues, fiber supplementation, etc. Please contact me directly to discuss which options best suit your needs.

A good place to start for rosacea supplementation:

-Catalyn by Standard Process (multi)

-Pre/probiotics/digestive enzymes (Arbonne makes this in a single product)

-Greens powder with spirulina and barley grass (part of a heavy metal detox)

-Fiber (I prefer a pea/cranberry fiber over a corn fiber)


-Spleen Support/detox

-Liver detox tea (dandelion/milk thistle)

-Vegan protein with amino acids

Please contact me at for specific requests.