Acne Rosacea and Hormonal Rosacea

Rosacea is often linked to other chronic skin conditions, such as acne, which can complicate your rosacea.  At times, this can be almost entirely related to your hormone fluctuations.  You could also have an underlying condition, such as PCOS, or maybe your rosacea disappeared completely during your pregnancy.  In cases such as these, I would recommend Kristin Cunningham, NP-C, a specialist in holistic acne healing and hormone balancing. Kristin can expertly address the underlying causes of your acne and/or rosacea and develop a personalized holistic plan for you to heal. 

Kristin Cunningham, NP

Holistic Acne Healing Expert

Meet Kristin Cunningham. She is a board-certified nurse practitioner and holistic acne healing specialist. After healing her own acne holistically, she knew she had to focus her work on sharing this healing with others.

Kristin attended Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities for her healthcare education and now lives in North Carolina with her husband and 3 children. In her free time she loves to try new recipes and visit the beach and mountains of their home state with her family.