I’ve been researching rosacea for 20 years. I’ve been treating patients holistically in private practice for 18 years.

All of the books and data I reviewed convinced me that rosacea could in fact be reversed. After systematically healing all of the underlying conditions that were contributing to my rosacea, it went away 100%.

The best way to address your skin condition is to figure out what’s causing your skin to react in the first place.

Always consult a licensed medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.


I am currently not taking on any new clients. If you are an existing client, you may book a follow-up appointment.

If a private session is not the right fit for you, I offer several options which may be more cost effective. Click HERE for more info on guides, courses and programs.


“Tara is amazing . I felt really comfortable talking with her. I needed extra knowledge and guidance that she provided to me in the 1st session. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She’s like my gut coach :)”

-Celine V.

“My meeting with Dr. Tara was incredible. She is very knowledgeable and informative, while being so kind. I am grateful to be having this experience and excited to learn all I can!”

-Annie J.

“On April 4th I committed to a 30 day cleanse designed for specifically for me by Dr. Tara! For the past six years I have been EXTREMELY focused on my health and wellness and I’ve been able to heal many things but my skin has always been extremely sensitive and easily irritated. In the middle of the Pandemic I developed Rosacea and as much as I wanted to pretend it wasn’t anything serious I knew deep down that it was trying to tell me  something… It was a sign of something I was missing. Someone suggested I reach out to Dr. Tara for an initial consult. We talked AT LENGTH about my health history, lifestyle choices, past viruses, the environments/climates where I have lived over the years, my mental health history, ALL THE THINGS and we came up with a plan to begin the healing process from within. I’m still in the thick of it, and SO thankful to continue on this journey but on this day… 2 months later… I had to compare the pics and I am truly so grateful for her help, guidance, expertise and support.”

-Kate B.

“Dr. Tara is great! I feel like I needed someone like her to support me on my journey of healing my rosacea, which is something all the dermatologists I’ve been to never even told me was possible. Now thanks to her I know that rosacea DOES have a cure and I have the motivation I needed to start my healing process.”

-Ruti M.

“I actually went to the dermatologist today and they loved how good my face is looking. They had 3 doctors and estheticians in there looking at it!”  (She had stopped all meds, and hadn’t been to the dermatologist since she started my suggestions.)

-Ashley G.

“About two weeks ago my skin finally turned a corner. I still get a bump or two here and there but they don’t last, but they’re very small and probably not noticeable to most people. My skin looks and feels much better! Although it seemed to take me longer than 90 days to see all the results, I’m glad I stuck with it.”

-Priscilla V.

“I’ll forever be grateful for meeting you that night. You’ve been a Godsend who really helped me to see and understand my rosacea. You’ve changed my life. I’m no longer on any medication, not even a pill. I’m still continuing everyday to heal my body and gut naturally. I don’t use chemicals, and even do this with my kids now. So YES I think you should totally run with your idea cause you’re AMAZING and have helped me so so much. My skin looks amazing now and that’s thanks to you xxx”

-Natalie S.

“Chatting with you confirmed my thoughts that I might actually have rosacea rather than just normal acne (as Drs kept telling me!} Your website was a really great starting point on how to tackle the root cause, and it inspired me to start on a nutritional plan. Your IG and website were a sign of HOPE for me that we can cure these things, but that it might not be through the usually westernized medical route. Food=medicine. The whole journey has not highlighted to me the importance of healing my body, liver, intestines, and inflammation levels, not just my skin.”

-Harriet T.

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I was having a hard time with this condition and you were a light lending hope. I’m going to keep spreading your website on all these blogs and social media outlets. I think you are completely correct about the gut. I have been diagnosed now with neurogenic rosacea but I believe it still all started in the gut with antibiotics, steroids, etc.  I’ve cleaned up my diet and have figured out some better coping mechanisms. Thank you again for lifting me up!”

-Bob C.

“I am just amazed at how diet just turned things around for the better for (my daughter). You have been a wealth of information to me and your kindness and sincere desire to help is what has been the most helpful. You are a true gem. “

-Danielle L.

“I think you helped with one of my biggest issues which was the mites. I previously tried horse paste but you pushed me to try it again and stick with it which ended up doing so much good for me. My skin ended up improving so much.”


“I love that I am eating more fruit and veggies and that has boosted my metabolism 100%. I feel happier and almost light on my feet. Cut coffee down to one cup a day with unsweetened almond milk and have been drinking roasted dandelion tea when I feel like coffee. So far so good. I noticed my periods this month weren’t as intense. I definitely know this is a good change. The best thing was when my son mentioned on a couple of occasions “Mum you seem happier.” That on its own encourages me to keep going.”

-Naz B

“Yes your website and IG account were both helpful. Talking to you was extremely helpful. You gave me new ideas such as liver detox that helped a lot. My rosacea improved a lot and I know what I need to do. I’m almost done breastfeeding so then I’ll really be able to detox.”

-Rachel F.

“I really enjoyed the conversations we had and Arbonne has great facial products.  I have been using a few creams that are working well.  When I drink coconut milk it makes a huge difference which you helped me with.  The dietary probiotic helped a lot.  I feel long term benefits.  The protein powder is great too.  I would definitely be interested in the lecture series.  And holistic options.”

-Erin T. 

“Yeah, I’m just glad I found you on Instagram. The tips you gave me and just talking about it was helpful as well. I think it’s the way you spoke about my problem that was helpful, like you were really human and sweet about it… not like those very not helpful dermatologists that just don’t care.”

-Paul S.

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

-Eugene F. Ware