Rosacea and Emotions

What role, if any, do emotions play in a chronic skin condition?


I always suspected this was true, but after the remarkable healing that took place before my eyes from December 2019 to April 2020, I had to re-assess what actaully happened.

Yes, I did a 30 Day Cleanse which started the ball rolling on gut healing and liver detoxing. Yes, I treated the surface of my skin with a sulfur cream which killed the demodex mites and allowed skin healing to take place. Yes, I consistently took a daily greens powder and added the correct ingredients to make a phenomenal heavy metal detox drink. Yes, I DRASTICALLY changed my diet from a “healthy” diet of bagels, pizza, and iceberg lettuce to organic, nonGMO foods, a HUGE variety of fruits and veggies, and a non-gluten and non-dairy approach.

But what else did I do?

I knew there was a connection to anger/deep resentment and some buried emotions. In Chinese Medicine, these emotions in particular are “stored” in the liver. And if you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know I talk about the liver/rosacea connection A LOT.

I figured there must be some sort of suppressed emotion going on in my liver. I’ve never considered myself to be an angry person; in fact I’m quite happy, positive, and forgiving. Yet there had to be something I was missing.

One day I read a quote a friend had posted, and it struck me.

I heard someone say “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you,” which I thought was good advice. But then someone spoke up and said “NO, do it, do cross oceans for people. Love all people, no conditions attached. No wondering if they are worth it. Life and love aren’t about what you gain, they’re about what you give.” And I changed my mind.

I thought about that quote all night, and how I’d always been the type of sensible person who “wouldn’t cross an ocean for someone who wouldn’t cross a puddle for me.” It was a mentality I’d developed as a child, a mentality of do things for others… who deserve it. A mentality of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” an eye for an eye, etc. It occurred to me that this wasn’t actually who I was, it was an acquired behavior I thought I was supposed to follow.

What would happen if I shed that belief and started doing for others simply for the joy I could bring them? Looking for nothing in return, just GIVE. What a freeing way to live. Stop holding people in judgment, stop keeping tabs, stop being angry at people.

I thought back to times I’d been angry at people for weeks at a time. I remember a person on eBay bought a prized baseball card from my husband. After the buyer paid for the card, we mailed it and he soon told eBay he’d never received the card because he’d moved to a new address. We had to refund his money, even though we knew it was a scam. I found out he’d done the same thing to other sellers and I became infuriated with the situation. At the time, I didn’t know enough about Karma, and obviously I didn’t trust the universe.

I’ve heard incredible healing stories from authors like Luise Hay and Georgie Holbrook. In Georgie’s book The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy she discusses her own miraculous rosacea healing based on a profound change in her thought pattern. These stories are incredibly telling. The mind is capable of so much more than we realize, including the healing of physical ailments.

In the past year I’ve been in contact with hundreds of you, guiding you through the healing process. Some of you see remarkable progress right away, while others take much longer. Some people come to me with the cleanest diet on the planet, and have already done the detoxes, cleanses, pure products, and demodex mite treatment, and yet still have ongoing symptoms after months and months. In these cases it would seem there has to be an emotional component that hasn’t yet been addressed.

Perhaps the biggest change that happened to me was how I felt about people who’d wronged me. In the past, I felt compelled to feel anger towards them, which is only natural. What I realized however, was that this anger was only hurting me, not them. Most of the people who’d “wronged” me were completely unaware that I was angry, and if they were aware, they didn’t seem to care. Letting go of deep seeded anger at people who are indifferent is so liberating. To do this you must know in your heart that this person is simply on the “younger” side of many lives. If you believe in the notion that with each life we learn a lesson, then you also believe that in doing so we evolve to a point of becoming the kindest, purest form of human there can be. Rather than wish suffering on those who’ve made you suffer, feel compassion for them because they still have much to learn.

Many people with rosacea are perfectionists who constantly put themselves down. They hold anger in their hearts not for others, but for themselves. These are the people who criticize their own appearance in the mirror, and often feel they are not worthy of love. This endless chatter which reverberates in the brain is detrimental to one’s well being. To heal, this must be addressed. I assure you, you are worthy of love. Your rosacea is is trying to tell you to look deep within and heal from the inside. Find things about yourself you love, and focus on those. Change the negative self-talk into positive. This can absolutely be done.

Looking back at my own healing journey, it’s now clear to me that a significant mental shift took place in the midst of my progress. As I watched my gut, thyroid, and asthma heal unexpectedly, I became thankful for what rosacea had done for me. Rosacea made me acutely aware of my own health and how the poor dietary choices I’d made had drastically impacted my body. It also made me consider my thought patterns and certain criticisms I often felt towards others. Rosacea forced me to re-evaluate my diet, my relationships, my life, and the way I view the world. For that, I am forever thankful.

2 thoughts on “Rosacea and Emotions

  1. Good evening,
    I was reading your article about rosacea and I liked!
    I have ocular rosacea, could you please give ideas how to overcome it?


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