Ocular Rosacea

Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelid, can often accompany rosacea and the reason is often the same reason as to why the rosacea is occurring: demodex mites. I started to notice my eyes becoming very dry in the past two years, around the time my rosacea symptoms worsened, but I didn’t make a connection. I went to two different eye doctors complaining of dry eyes, blurry vision, redness, and frequent irritation. Both doctors looked at my eyes, prescribed eyedrops, and said I was simply getting older. That didn’t sound quite right to me but what did I know? I wasn’t an eye doctor. When I began my very precise and thorough research of rosacea I began to read about ocular rosacea, or redness and irritation of they eyes, often associated with rosacea of the skin. All of the medical websites I read (healthline, mayo clinic, WebMD) said the same things I had always read about rosacea: no one knows why it happens, and there is no cure.

Luckily I stumbled upon rosaceagroup.org where I learned all about demodex folloculorum and demodex brevis, the two types of demodex mites which live in the hair follicles and pores of humans. (I know it sounds terrible but they actually live on all humans, and the population grows as we get older.) So I went back to Google and searched “optometry” and “demodex” and found some fantastic products made especially for your eyelashes to kill the demodex population in the follicles of your eyelashes, thus curing your blepharitis. The product I’m currently using is a foam called Ocusoft Oust (from Amazon) which can be applied each night to your lashes, then wiped off. I would only recommend using a product especially made for eyes and following the directions to the letter. I only use the foam about once a week or so because after I started using the ZhongZhou cream (a sulfur based cream) on my face, my ocular rosacea pretty much cleared up too. I will never understand why two eye doctors and three dermatologists never mentioned the existence of demodex mites to me. I’m starting to think they simply don’t know, or if they do know, they are not supposed to tell us. Either way, it turns out the solution for me was very simple, and I am thrilled that my eyes no longer itch or burn, turn red, or feel irritated. And I haven’t used my prescribed hydrating eye drops in many months. 🙂

Update: Since completely healing my rosacea, I no longer need to use the sulfur cream or the eyelash wash. While these products helped significantly with my surface symptoms, true healing comes from addressing the internal underlying causes. Now that my gut and liver are functioning optimally and I’ve cleared out the heavy metals and addressed dormant viruses, I no longer have rosacea whatsoever. The same can be true for anyone!

One thought on “Ocular Rosacea

  1. Thanks for the great information. I have rosecea- it’s worse where a derm had me put steroid cream – trying to figure out how to get it better. Also, have it in my eyes – trying to get that fixed too… Thanks for being a light in this dark process of trying to find some comfort!!! Bob


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