Acne/Teenage Acne

Acne often responds quite similarly to the treatment outlined for rosacea. The ZhongZhou cream works in the same way to eliminate the excessive bacteria and oil on your face which causes acne. As with most rosacea medications, acne medications often treat the infection but neglect to prevent the infection from happening in the first place. The three step program outlined on my Home page involves an internal gut cleanse, using plant based products on your skin (free of parabens, allergens, petroleum, animal by-products or other irritants) and using the Zhong Zhou cream described in detail on the Demodex Solutions website. The website is quite outdated and at first glance I wondered if it was real, but there is so much scientific research and practical information you will soon realize that it’s quite a common treatment in other parts of the world. Sometimes I wonder why the medications most prescribed in America are the ones that will never actually cure our illnesses, just manage them. My goal in creating this website is to allow others to cure their skin conditions so that medication is no longer needed.

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