Demodex Mite Treatment

Demodex mites were discovered in 1841 and are tiny little microscopic mites which live all over our bodies… all of us. This may seem gross but it’s not, it’s just part of our evolution and part of life. We never see them or know they are there. They eat our dead skin cells and for most of us never cause a problem. Many years ago, scientists discovered a connection between rosaceans and a higher population of demodex mites on their faces. Now they don’t know for sure if the mites are causing the rosacea or if the mites are there because of the rosacea, but either way, if you have Subtype II with red marks, papules, pustules, and enlarged pores, chances are you would improve tremendously by controlling the mite population on your face.

While many people, including myself, have amazing success addressing the demodex mite population on their faces, there are dermatologists and medical doctors who don’t believe there is any correlation between rosacea and demodex mites. Unfortunately this leaves many people struggling for a solution, when it could be very easy. Please keep in mind that ANY demodex mite treatment works by killing the population of mites, and this may cause your rosacea to get worse before it gets better. (This did not happen to me.) Many people give up before giving the treatment a chance to work because if they see worsening at all, they panic and stop.

Some signs of a demodex mite reaction are red dots or bumps upon waking, sandpaper feel to your skin, and Type II (papules and pustules.) Also ocular rosacea and cycles of worsening symptoms are signs you may do well with a natural demodex mite treatment.

DISCLAIMER: The following information is not to be misconstrued as medical advice. You must first discuss any/all treatment options with your personal physician who knows your medical history.

OTC Treatment Suggestions:

For skin: Ivermectin, Soolantra, Sulfur Soap, Sulfur Cream, ZZ Cream (Zhong Zhou Cosmetic ZZ from Demodex Solutions)

On Etsy: Natural Sulfur Cream

For hair: Tea tree oil shampoo, Sulfur shampoo, or Nizoral shampoo

For bedding: Sprinkle Gold Bond Medicated Powder (with menthol) and change your pillowcase nightly

For eyes: Ocusoft Oust Demodex Foam (See post on ocular rosacea)

For nape of neck: add a drop of tea tree oil to your body moisturizer (don’t ever use tea tree oil on your face or eyes)

For back/chest: tea tree oil soap, sulfur soap, charcoal soap, tea tree lotion

Sulfur Soap without added fragrance (

MITES TEND TO MIGRATE. This means if you begin treating your face and eyes, you may want to also treat your hair, eyebrows and back/chest so they don’t relocated to those areas!!

MITES HATE Menthol, Sulfur, Tea Tree Oil, Colloidal Silver, Zinc.