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You may order your Standard Process vitamins here by clicking on the link above. SP requires all Patient Direct customers to have a special access code which I can provide you with. I am not allowed to publish the code, but if you contact me directly I will give it to you. Your other option would be to make an appointment with your local chiropractor or naturopath who is a distributor of Standard Process.

Standard Process strictly prohibits people from selling their products on Amazon, Ebay or other such websites. Not only are the prices higher, but the products may be expired or tampered with. Please don’t take chances with these products and purchase them directly from the source!

My generalized recommendations for rosacea:

-Cataplex B


-Spleen Desiccated (short term)

-Possibly: Zinc, Catalyn, Trace Minerals, Omega 3, Liver Support.

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